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It’s been a little bit since I’ve done a how-to video, and since I always get lots of questions on my new goldfish unboxing videos asking why I acclimate my new fish the way I do, what better topic to cover than how to properly acclimate your new fish? It seems like many people are still […]

Today’s update video on my goldfish features the “keepers” from my most recent batch of goldfish babies that I bred. I had two groups of babies that were spawned almost a year ago. The first was a group spawn from my red and white butterfly telescopes with Sophie being the mother. I don’t know which of my males […]

I got some new fish room supplies from Jehmco Fish Room Supply House! I like to buy fish room supplies from them because they’re always really helpful for doofuses like me who don’t have tons of experience with how all this fish room plumbing type stuff works. But I do wish they had an online […]