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Did my fish get sick and die because of contaminated water or parasites living in my tap water? What about bad food? Or perhaps toxic holding tanks? Well, as it turns out there’s actually some pretty good evidence that rules out all of these possibilities. Watch to find out more AND to learn how you […]

It’s time for an update on my sick goldfish and what I found out from the University of Florida Aquaculture lab regarding a diagnosis for them. If you’re not familiar with the situation here’s a quick recap of what happened. It all started in May, which means I’ve been dealing with this now for 6 […]

The widespread problem with dropsy in my goldfish has reared its ugly head again. I thought the issue was resolved, but something appears to still be affecting the fish. This time I’ve sought the help of aquatic veterinarians at the University of Florida Fish Disease Diagnostic Lab… one way or another we have to get […]