Shipping & Policies


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Goldfish Shipping

Due to import/export regulations, we can only ship fish within the USA. Fish will be shipped via UPS Next Day Air to ensure safe arrival to your doorstep. We go to great lengths to package fish safely for shipping. Food is withheld from fish for two days prior to shipping to minimize waste pollution of the shipping water. Fish are typically packaged for shipping in Kordon Breathing Bags. These bags utilize a technology that allows oxygen to enter the bag and carbon dioxide to escape the bag, completely eliminating the need to use oxygen in the shipping bags. This allows us to send our fish out in smaller packages (all that oxygen takes up a lot of space in the box!) and cut down drastically on shipping costs. If your fish is packaged in a Kordon Breathing Bag, it will arrive with no oxygen in the bag and it will not be double-bagged. This is normal procedure for the Breathing Bags.

Fish will only be shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays. After you complete your purchase online, you will be contacted within 24 hours about which day of the week you prefer for arrival of your fish. 

New Goldfish Quarantine

We take the utmost care to ensure only healthy fish are sent out to customers. Our fish are treated with anti-parasite treatments and examined under a microscope as necessary. Regardless, we always recommend that all new fish are quarantined in a separate aquarium/pond from your main fish collection for a minimum of four weeks. Please read our info page about Quarantine for New Fish before purchasing.

Acclimating Your New Goldfish

When your new goldfish arrives, it is very important that you acclimate it properly to your new aquarium or pond. Failing to acclimate the fish according to our instructions will void the live arrival guarantee. Please read the acclimation instructions here prior to purchasing: Acclimating New Goldfish 

Refunds & Exchanges

We have a live arrival guarantee on our fish, provided you follow some guidelines. You must be present to receive your fish when they are delivered and transfer them from their shipping container to their new environment immediately (following the acclimation instructions outlined above). In the unlikely event that your fish arrives DOA (dead on arrival), you must take a clear photo of the deceased fish inside the unopened shipping bag and email it to us at within 30 minutes of arrival. If the photo is not adequate, more photos may be requested. If any of these requirements are not met, the live arrival guarantee will be void.



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