Getting Sylvia

Sylvia is the first reptile I ever owned, and I got her in September of 2015. I chose to get her from a leopard gecko breeder called Gecko Daddy because I thought they produced beautiful geckos and had ethical reptile care practices. I was nervous for her to show up on my doorstep because I had gotten plenty of fish shipped to me before, but never any reptiles. Once I opened the box and saw how cute she was sitting in her little deli cup – upside down and curled around her little paper towel clump – it was love at first sight. She’s been my little buddy ever since. 

Setting Up Her New Tank

After having Sylvia for three years, I decided to give her a cage upgrade. She had been living in a medium/low size Exo-Terra cage, which I think is a perfectly suitable habitat size for one leopard gecko. But knowing how much she liked to explore, I upgraded her cage to give her 1.5x more space. She loves her new home from Custom Cages and I have peace of mind knowing everything is automated. Her meat mat is on a thermostat to ensure it never gets too hot underfoot for her, she has a ceramic heat emitter overhead that comes on just for a couple hours during the middle of the day because she likes a little extra mid-day heat, and even her daytime lighting is on a timer too. She has live succulents in a fake wood planter, a beautiful background from Aqua Decor backgrounds, and a variety of naturalistic tank decorations to climb on. And she really does use every square inch of her new home.  

Stay Gold,

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