Getting Rune

In 2018 I decided to add Rune to my little family of reptiles and amphibians. Since I had a good experience getting Sylvia from Gecko Daddy, that’s where I looked to get another leopard gecko. Rune is what they called a TUG Snow Halloween Mask. Don’t ask me what that means… I don’t make it my business to learn about leopard gecko genetics lol. All I know is he is beautiful! His personality is way different than Sylvia’s. She’s really outgoing and not afraid to be out in the middle of her enclosure, but Rune is much more secretive. Maybe once he’s with my for a little longer he’ll come out of his shell, but otherwise I’m happy to just let the little guy be how he wants. 

Setting Up The Tank

When setting up Rune’s tank from Custom Cages, I decided to use a substrate called Eco Earth, which is a loose ground coconut fiber substrate. Many leopard gecko keepers now understand that loose substrates usually can only pose an impaction risk in geckos that are already sickly in some way or do not have their environmental needs met. He also has a heat mat hooked up to a thermometer to keep him nice and cozy. He can choose to hang out in either his warm dry hide, his moist hide, or his dry cool hide. He has real succulents in a fake log planter, a fake rock background from Universal Rocks, and a variety of natural decorations to explore on. He seems very content in his new home and his favorite thing is making quick stealth attacks on the crickets I wave at the opening of his hide during feeding time.

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