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The live stream I did last night with Ted Judy (Ted’s Fishroom), Cynthia from East Coast Ranchu, and Joey Mullen (King of DIY) was packed with informational conversation and great viewer questions to answer, but as seen in these highlight clips, we still couldn’t help goofing off a little. Check out the full recording of […]

UGH. On Thanksgiving day, my beloved 2007 Scion tC 3.0 Release Series (blizzard pearl white) died. I was driving home to prepare Thanksgiving dinner when it started making a few strange noises, the AC stopped working, and the next thing I knew, my car was stopped dead in its tracks while I was attempting to […]

Video Link: Clyde and Sophie are losing their black color at a faster rate every day!  Soon Sophie will no longer be a tri-color and Clyde will no longer be a panda… they’ll both be red/white.  It’s looking like Sophie will be mostly red with a white face and a little red spot on […]

UPDATE: NEW WINNERS POSTED Congrats to Daniel James, our non-US winner, who has claimed his EggLites and will be receiving them shortly!  I gave the two Dandy Orandas gift certificate winners plenty of time, but never heard from them, so the runners-up have been selected.  Same rules apply; the following two winners must contact me […]

My friend Ken from Dandy Orandas was looking to do another giveaway, and since Solid Gold recently surpassed 18,000 subscribers, it was perfect timing!  Watch the video below for all the giveaway details, and follow the directions carefully because there are TWO simultaneous giveaways going on; one on the YouTube video and the other on […]