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I haven’t done one of these in sooo long! I opened my PO box mail, answered a lot of your questions and talked a little bit about how I first got interested in pets and fishkeeping, PLUS gave you a mini update on my goldfish. Thank you so much to everyone that sent me letters […]

A question that I always seem to get in some way, shape or form when I ask for Q&A submissions is what my family thinks of my goldfish hobby (read obsession). What better way to explain it than to introduce you guys to my sister! While it’s a little different from my normal content, I […]

When you sign up to support Solid Gold on Patreon, you get access to rewards that are exclusive to Solid Gold Patrons, and submitting questions for my new series of bi-monthly Q&A videos is one of those rewards.  After I receive your thought-provoking questions, I answer them in a video for all of my viewers […]