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Want to see the world from their point of view?  I got a new underwater camera, a Canon D20, that allows us to do just that!  You’ll want to watch until the end because Monocle (the one-eyed guy) does something very silly.  Video Link: you like the video, please share it!   If you […]

The butterfly fry are 10 weeks old now and doing well.  I can start to see the telescope eyes popping out just a little bit.  For the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about moving the fry into the 60 gallon tub so they can have some more space, and to free up the 40 […]

Remember that blog post from February in which I was complaining about having to cull so many of my butterfly fry so early on?  Well after that, I ended up counting them all and I still had almost 200 fry left!  Needless to say, it made me feel much better about how things were going.  […]

I’ve officially had my ghost bristol trio for 6 months now!  They were about 8 months old when I got them, so they’re a little over 1 year old now.  Poltergeist is male, Wraith is female, and I believe Haunt is also female.  Poltergeist and Wraith have spawned several times while Haunt just hangs around […]

Hello everyone!  In keeping with my tradition of decorating my 75 gallon fish tank for the holidays, here is my Valentine’s Day aquarium.  I didn’t realize this until well after the decorating was all finished and I was filming, but this holiday actually works really well for the bristol shubunkin because of their (sideways) heart-shaped […]

A few weeks ago I set up my five adult Dandy Orandas butterflies in a 40 gallon tank so we could appreciate them fully for a moment in side-view.  We typically only get to see them from above, since they live in a 127 gallon tub in my basement fish room.  They’re all doing very […]

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I got Luca and Felix, yet at the same time it feels like they’ve always been with me.  Here’s a one year update about them with before-and-after photos and, of course, an adorable video!  They have grown in leaps and bounds and are cuter (and chubbier!) […]