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Remember that blog post from February in which I was complaining about having to cull so many of my butterfly fry so early on?  Well after that, I ended up counting them all and I still had almost 200 fry left!  Needless to say, it made me feel much better about how things were going.  […]

A few weeks ago I set up my five adult Dandy Orandas butterflies in a 40 gallon tank so we could appreciate them fully for a moment in side-view.  We typically only get to see them from above, since they live in a 127 gallon tub in my basement fish room.  They’re all doing very […]

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I got Luca and Felix, yet at the same time it feels like they’ve always been with me.  Here’s a one year update about them with before-and-after photos and, of course, an adorable video!  They have grown in leaps and bounds and are cuter (and chubbier!) […]