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Come along with me as I visit Joshua McWilliams’ outdoor goldfish room full of great ryukins, orandas, ranchus, pearlscales, butterfly telescopes, and so much more. You may know Josh as Waterpigs USA on Instagram; he’s always sharing pictures of his beautiful fish and it was a joy to be able to hang out with him […]

Two weeks ago I published a video of my new baby goldfish (which are called “fry”) when they were just 1 week old. Since then I’ve been collecting footage of them and in this video, you’ll get to see them at 2 weeks old and 4 weeks old. They’ve grown so much! You can now […]

It happened! After more than a year, I finally have a new batch  of goldfish fry to raise and groom to perfection. These red and white butterfly telescope goldfish fry are from Lincoln, a female butterfly telescope goldfish that I bred a few years ago. Come hang out with me around the fish room while […]

Today’s update video on my goldfish features the “keepers” from my most recent batch of goldfish babies that I bred. I had two groups of babies that were spawned almost a year ago. The first was a group spawn from my red and white butterfly telescopes with Sophie being the mother. I don’t know which of my males […]

I realized after sharing a before and after culling photo on my Facebook page that a lot of people are very curious, and even a little confused, about culling goldfish. A few people even have some serious misconceptions about culling and goldfish breeding. I am by no means a geneticist or an expert long-time goldfish […]

Here are some closeup shots of one of the best butterfly telescope fry.  The group is 11 weeks old today, and at this stage you can clearly see all fins, fin rays, and scales.  You can also see the telescope eyes starting to protrude ever so slightly.  This fry is not quite perfect because there […]

The butterfly fry are 10 weeks old now and doing well.  I can start to see the telescope eyes popping out just a little bit.  For the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about moving the fry into the 60 gallon tub so they can have some more space, and to free up the 40 […]

Remember that blog post from February in which I was complaining about having to cull so many of my butterfly fry so early on?  Well after that, I ended up counting them all and I still had almost 200 fry left!  Needless to say, it made me feel much better about how things were going.  […]

The butterfly fry are 4 weeks old now and I finally found time to do their first intensive cull, which strangely left me feeling simultaneously demoralized and hopeful.  In this cull I was looking for any fry with crooked backs, collapsed tail fins, or a single tail fin.  Since they’re so small yet, those are […]

The butterfly telescopes spawned today!  I raised the temperature and increased the photoperiod a little bit about a week ago in an attempt to trigger spawning.  I noticed some chasing, so I added a few spawning mops a few days ago, and found them covered in eggs today.  I’m fairly certain Minai is the female, […]