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As promised, this week’s video is a tour of my office where everything in the Solid Gold universe happens from!  I’m really enjoying my new apartment because it has two bedrooms, allowing me to have a separate room for my office, and a balcony, which I’ve been using as my fish room.  Essentially this means […]

It’s been about a month since my last video, so it’s high time for a new update!  I’ve been in Florida for about three weeks now and finally feel like I’m settled in enough to dust off the camera and show you guys around my new fish room.  I hope you enjoy the update! People […]

  I found this shelving unit from Lowe’s that fits two 40 gallon breeder tanks perfectly.  This means no more tanks on the floor of my dining room!  This is only half of the shelf, it can actually hold four tanks.  It’s nice because it’s heavy duty and can certainly hold the weight, but it […]

Got air? This fish room does! Follow along to see where I’m at with my fish room revamp! This week I’ve been working on setting up the air pump and running PVC to supply air to all the fish tanks and tubs.   Video Link:   If you enjoy my blog and videos and would […]

Come check out what’s new in my fish room!  My second batch of ghost bristol fry are growing nicely and my butterflies finally spawned.  This gives me the chance try my hand at raising and grooming butterflies from an early age to bring out their best potential.   Video Link: