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Issues in my fish room have led me to completely tear everything down, throw tons of stuff away, and sterilize everything that remained. I still have most of my goldfish, but I have suffered many losses as their treatment continues. Everyone’s favorite, Clyde the butterfly telescope, passed away on May 14th. Stay Gold,    

I’ve been curating my own personal collection of goldfish collectibles over the past 8 years and today I want to share it with you! Watch the video below to see a behind-the-scenes type room tour of my office where all the Solid Gold magic happens. My office is my work-space for Solid Gold in the creation […]

Here it is! The fourth in a series of video updates about the goldfish I have in my fish room, this week’s video focuses on my group of five female butterfly telescope goldfish that live in one of my 90 gallon Intex wading pools in my fish room. At about 3.5 years old, Sophie is […]

This week I’m continuing the series of update videos about all the goldfish in my fish room with a video about my lovely little group of four jikins. The jikin goldfish is a Japanese goldfish variety that is considered quite rare. Their most defining feature is their tail fin, which has been described as a […]

I got some new fish room supplies from Jehmco Fish Room Supply House! I like to buy fish room supplies from them because they’re always really helpful for doofuses like me who don’t have tons of experience with how all this fish room plumbing type stuff works. But I do wish they had an online […]

This week the series of video updates about the goldfish in my fish room continues with another new video! Today we’re looking at my group of male butterfly telescopes living in my 75 gallon aquarium. This includes Mordecai, Poe, “no-name” who I’m in need of name suggestions for, Gandalf, and Banjo. I’ve had this aquarium […]

It’s been far too long since I gave you guys an update on my fish, so we’re going to fix that starting this week! This is the first in a series of updates about the goldfish I have in my fish room. Since I have tons of fish now spread out between about 10 tanks, I’m going to […]

A lot has happened since purchasing my house five months ago. My focus has been on getting settled in, making changes to the house to make it feel more like home (I just finished a DIY kitchen makeover), getting used to my new budget with a mortgage payment, and getting my bearings. Up until now, I […]

  I finally have the fish room I’ve always wanted! My 15’x10′ balcony is home to my 25-30 goldfish and their quickly-growing fry. My group of fish includes 6 calico butterfly telescopes, 13 red/white butterfly telescopes, 4 black butterfly telescopes, and 7 broadtail black moors.  There are four 40 gallon breeder aquariums, one 127 gallon […]

Video Link: I took a weekend trip to Michigan to show you guys a little tour of the Dandy Orandas fish room!  It was like I died and went to goldfish heaven!  There were about 1,500 goldfish on site; broadtail ryukins, ranchus, orandas, pearlscales, bubble eyes, butterflies, shubunkins, black comets, tosakin, and so much […]