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I’m Jennifer Lynx (Jennie), the creator of Solid Gold Aquatics. My passion for goldfish stems from a lifelong interest in both visual art and biology. With so many interesting varieties that have been artfully bred over the decades, goldfish truly are living works of art.

After studying studio art and wildlife biology in college, I spent some time working in the non-profit sector at a humane society in my home state of Minnesota before relocating to Florida where I spent some time working in marketing and multi-media for a fish farm. These days, I’m happy to say that Solid Gold is my main focus! My furry family members include my cats; Sami, Roger, and Grimm, who sometimes appear in my videos. In addition to goldfish and cats I also have reptiles, amphibians, and other types of fish. 


Solid Gold Aquatics is dedicated to promoting goldfish appreciation and their proper care. In 2008 I developed an interest in goldfish and began researching their care requirements, only to realize how much misinformation about goldfish still exists. Solid Gold is a place where novices and experts alike can find good information about goldfish and even other types of fish too.

Stay Gold!

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