My Leopard Gecko Terrariums 1 Year Later…

My leopard geckos -Sylvia and Rune- have been set up in their naturalistic terrariums for a year now, so it’s time for an update on how they’ve been doing. Sylvia recently had a bit of a health scare with nearly becoming egg bound, which prompted a trip to the vet and almost needing surgery to remove her egg!

The terrariums that my leos live in are the H3 cages from Custom Cages. The vivariums that my frogs and crestie live in are the amphibious tanks from Custom Aquariums. They’ve all been set up for about a year now and my animals and I are loving this rack setup. Here are some links if you want to research more about these enclosures.
Custom Cages ►
Custom Aquariums ►

Thanks for watching and until next time, Stay Gold!

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