Getting Goldfish Through TSA?!

Follow along during my Minnesota meet-up event and watch as I bring home some new fish from a subscriber. I brought them safely (and legally! lol) through the TSA security check as a carry-on item on the airplane ride back home to Florida.

Here’s the TSA guidelines about live fish ►

DISCLAIMER: If you want to try bringing live fish on a plane as well, I would highly recommend checking with your airline ahead of time to ensure they don’t have any rules against it or extra fees involved. For reference, I flew Delta and had no issues. If possible, it would be best to pack your fish inside a styrofoam box or other insulated box/bag, but these guys remained cool for my entire trip. Please note that this only works for domestic flights within the USA and you obviously cannot transport live fish species into an area where they are not allowed. PLEASE DO NOT ILLEGALLY SMUGGLE LIVE ANIMALS! Always make sure you’re following the laws and regulations.

Thanks for watching and Stay Gold!

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