Day In The Life // New Baby Tortoise & Feeding All My Pets

Join me as I vlog a Saturday full of reptile, amphibian, AND goldfish goodness. My friend Josh and I went to Repticon in Kissimmee Florida where he got a new baby Sulcata Tortoise named Gertrude. There were tons of great reptiles and amphibians at the show, but Gerty and her little siblings were the highlight! Josh had been considering getting a tortoise already and once we saw them, we knew we weren’t leaving the show empty-handed. I was on the lookout for some rare White’s Tree Frog color morphs, but didn’t find what I was looking for, so my search continues…

After the show Josh came back to my fish room to meet all my pets and help out with feeding the goldfish, poison dart frogs, tree frog, and leopard geckos. So much fun!

Thanks for stopping by and Stay Gold,

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