New Baby Tree Frog

Cuteness overload alert! He was such a tiny young froglet when I got him, so I waited a couple weeks to introduce you to the newest member of the Solid Gold family. But today’s the day for you to meet Gazoo! He’s a baby Snowflake White’s Tree Frog; making him my first pet tree frog ever. So far he’s added a lot of cute to a fish room that’s already brimming with cuteness.

I’ve been planning on getting White’s Tree Frogs for one of the vivariums in my fish room for a few months now. I think it’s always best to research and prepare as much as possible before you get any new pet and that’s just what I’ve been doing over these past few months. So excited to finally have a White’s Tree Frog of my own and to share with you in videos. 🙂

Stay Gold,

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