Unboxing My New Goldfish

Today’s unboxing is a big deal for me because not only are these are the first new goldfish I’ve gotten in 6 months, but they’re the first new goldfish I’ve had shipped to me from Dandy Orandas in well over a year! It feels like things are finally settling back into a normal after the fish room disaster of 2017. But I can’t even really say things are getting back to normal, because with the new and improved fish room, things are better than ever. Thank you all so much for being with my on this journey. I hope we can continue learning from one-another about the pets we all love so much for a long time to come.

With that said, meet the new goldfish! I got a tricolor butterfly telescope that reminds me a little of Clyde, a red & white butterfly telescope, a red & white crown pearlscale (buddy for Marshmallow!), a red & white lionhead, and a black & white ingot oranda. I’ve always loved goldfish varieties of all kinds, but with my limited space in the past, chose to keep almost exclusively my favorite type – butterfly telescopes. Now with so much more space in the fish room, I can branch out and keep several different goldfish varieties all under one roof. I’m especially excited about this because my goal with Solid Gold has always been to foster a greater appreciation of goldfish, and the more different types of goldfish I can share in my videos, the better. With goldfish there’s so much variety that there really is something for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by and Stay Gold,

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