Sylvia Explores Her New Home // Leopard Gecko Tank Setup

A couple weeks ago Rune got moved into his new home and now it’s Sylvia’s turn! Sylvia is my female tangerine leopard gecko and she’s the first reptile I ever owned. I’ve had her for three years, making her about four years old. She has helped me learn a lot about keeping reptiles as pets and I really enjoy having her in my life. She has an awesome personality – very outgoing and full of spunk, which makes her really entertaining to interact with. Her new home is one of the bottom enclosures on my rack of six enclosures for reptiles and amphibians that I got from Custom Cages. Since setting her up in her new home it’s been so much fun watching her explore, dig around in the substrate (loose substrate is new to her), and curiously watch Rune in his tank next to hers.

It’s a very common misconception that leopard geckos cannot have any type of loose substrate. If you’re wondering about my use of loose substrate, please watch this previous video I made explaining it, and check out all the great information on Rebecca’s YouTube channel called Leopard Gecko.

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Items in Sylvia’s Tank:

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