HOW FISH TANKS ARE MADE! // Jennie Tours Custom Aquariums

This was such a cool experience and I hope you guys enjoy coming along for the ride! I got the full behind-the-scenes tour for you guys including demos showing how the glass aquariums are made here at Custom Aquariums in Wisconsin. Not only do they make aquariums, but they also make terrariums for reptiles and what they call “amphibious tanks” that can hold water on the bottom. Since I have an assortment of animals in my fish room (not just fish!) Custom Aquariums will be helping me out with enclosures for all my animals – from goldfish to poison dart frogs to leopard geckos and everything in-between. In this video you’ll see my first set of aquariums in production (I even got to help work on them!) and these tanks will be arriving to my fish room sometime this month, so stay tuned to watch me set them up and fill them with beautiful fish!

Thanks for stopping by and Stay Gold!

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