NEW DART FROGS // Setting Up a Temporary Tank

Last Friday, you guys came along with me as I visited the Daytona Reptile Breeders’ Expo to pick out my dart frogs and see all the other great reptiles and amphibians on display. I got a group of four 2-3 month old Dendrobates tinctorius patricia. I’ve been wanting these frogs since 2011, so this is an exciting day! When tinctorius are little they do great in groups, but once they reach sexual maturity around 10-12 months of age, females become very aggressive with one-another and they do best in single male/female pairings after that. They’re too small to be sexed now, but with a group of four frogs, I have an 88% chance of getting a male/female pair. Once I’m able to sex them and tell what I have, I’ll probably either separate the frogs or rehome some of them as needed so that I have a male/female pair living together. Watch as I add the new dart frogs to their temporary quarantine tank and talk to you about these great little frogs and how to set up a proper habitat for them!

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