EPIC FISH ROOM Under Construction!

This fish room project is being fan-funded. If you’d like to contribute so we can finish the building as planned, here’s the donation page. THANK YOU so much to those of you who have already donated to help make this a reality! None of this would be possible at all without you.

Last week major construction finally started on my fish room building! I’m completely insulating the building for proper temperature and humidity control. This means framing out the walls with 2x4s, adding insulation and drywall, adding an air conditioner and more. Since the last update, we’ve gotten the walls and ceiling almost completely framed, insulated, and drywalled. The difference is HUGE. Already the room feels a lot more cooler than the outside air temperature, thanks to all that insulation, and we haven’t even added the A/C yet! You can tell the difference in how things sound in the fish room now too. Sounds absorb a lot more and there’s no more echoing “tin” sound. It will sound a lot better for filming videos out there. We also have the back window framed in, a lot of the plumbing and electrical work behind the walls is finished, and pretty soon the roll-up door will come down so we can finish framing and drywalling the remaining wall space. Very exciting!

Things are really starting to come together, but I won’t be able to finish the fish room and get the promised aquariums from Custom Aquariums until we reach our funding goal. So take a leap of faith with me. Let’s create something amazing together. 🙂

p.s. There’s a really exciting goldfish event coming up at the end of August in San Jose, CA where I’ll be hosting a meet & greet. If you’re anywhere near the area, come see me at the WEST COAST GOLDFISH PALOOZA! More details can be found on The Goldfish Council’s website here ► GOLDFISH PALOOZA

Stay Gold,

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