TOKYO GOLDFISH CAFE // Japan Goldfish Trip: Episode 6

I got invited to Japan! The Japanese TV show called “Who Wants to go to Japan” finds people who have an interest in some part of Japanese culture and invites them to Japan to experience that culture in person for the first time. Follow along as I travel halfway around the globe to visit a bunch of different goldfish hot-spots in Japan!

In today’s video, you’ll come along with me as I visit the Goldfish Cafe in Tokyo (also called Coffee Kingyo-Zaka). This was my last day in Japan and filming for the TV show had already wrapped up, so I ventured to the Goldfish Cafe by myself. The Goldfish Cafe was very cool – they had tons of cute goldfish goodies for sale (I was in heaven), lots of nice orandas, ranchus, telescopes and other goldfish for sale, and tons of cool goldfish things everywhere you looked. This is pretty much the last of the vlog footage I have from the trip, but I may still do one or two videos in my Japan after today to talk to you guys about some things I learned about goldfish breeding and grooming while I was there. I hope you guys enjoy coming along with me to check out the Goldfish Cafe!

Stay Gold,

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