VISITING A GOLDFISH FARM IN JAPAN! // Japan Goldfish Trip: Episode 4

I went to Japan! The Japanese TV show called “Who Wants to go to Japan” finds people who have an interest in some part of Japanese culture and invites them to Japan to experience that culture in person for the first time. Follow along as I travel halfway around the globe to visit a traditional goldfish farm in Yatomi specializing in ranchu, tosakin, jikin, and more! The grandfather of this family-operated farm who has unfortunately since passed away, Mitsuharu Fukami, has been credited for developing the sakura ranchu (aka sakuranishiki) in 1970. This is a ranchu with a nacreous red and white pattern, which just means that some of its scales have a matte finish and some are metallic. It’s like a calico, but without any blue or black color, and apparently Mitsuharu Fukami developed it by crossing a red and white ranchu with a calico oranda!

The day before meeting with this family, the film crew and I traveled from Osaka to Nagoya, where the family lives in an outskirt called Yatomi. Fun fact: the mascot of the town Yatomi is a cute goldfish cartoon guy, and Mr. Fukami’s family gave me some cute souvenirs with the Yatomi goldfish on them!

Below you’ll find the fourth video in a series about my Japan goldfish trip. Tune in next Friday to watch me venture to the wholesale goldfish market with Mr. Fukami to sell his goldfish and witness a live goldfish auction taking place.

Stay Gold,

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