GOLDFISH AUCTION IN JAPAN! // Japan Goldfish Trip: Episode 5

I got invited to Japan! The Japanese TV show called “Who Wants to go to Japan” finds people who have an interest in some part of Japanese culture and invites them to Japan to experience that culture in person for the first time. Follow along as I travel halfway around the globe to visit a wholesale (brokers and breeders only) live goldfish auction in Yatomi. Breeders from the surrounding area bring their fish here to sell in lots to brokers, who then sell these fish to pet stores and individuals. There were all kinds of goldfish being sold here… ryukins, ranchu, orandas, jikin, bubble eyes, telescopes, and more! Surrounded by thousands of beautiful goldfish, I didn’t know where to look first!

This is the fifth in a series about my Japan goldfish trip. Tune in next Friday for another adventure and Stay Gold!

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