Issues in my fish room have led me to completely tear everything down, throw tons of stuff away, and sterilize everything that remained. I still have most of my goldfish, but I have suffered many losses as their treatment continues. Everyone’s favorite, Clyde the butterfly telescope, passed away on May 14th.

Stay Gold,

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2 thoughts on “DESTROYING My Fish Room

  1. Chris Lapham says:

    Dear Jenny,

    As you know there are many admirers out here in the world, walking with you during your heartbreaking challenges. Please, please continue to share your journey with us… We are learning what this terrible illness is and how to battle it thru you… I have a friend going thru something very similar and I am sure that there others walking this road and fighting the same battle you are…
    You ability to touch sooo many in the fish keeping hobby will save soooo many beloved fish in the long run…
    Thank You for all that you do for educating us and contributions to goldfish keeping…


  2. Amanda says:

    When you are feeling so down just remember – “this too shall pass” you have a lot of support and the cabinet idea is great, it would look amazing.

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