THEY GROW SO FAST! // 4 Week Baby Goldfish Update

Two weeks ago I published a video of my new baby goldfish (which are called “fry”) when they were just 1 week old. Since then I’ve been collecting footage of them and in this video, you’ll get to see them at 2 weeks old and 4 weeks old. They’ve grown so much! You can now make out the neat rows of scales and it’s so fun to watch them gobble up the live baby brine shrimp they are fed. Soon they will graduate on to gel food and frozen brine shrimp. You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at my process for culling goldfish fry and culturing and feeding live baby brine shrimp for my fry.

For information about why culling is important and/or how goldfish breeders go about culling their goldfish fry, please read my blog post: My Thoughts on Culling

Stay Gold!

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