My Broadtail Moors // Goldfish UPDATE

This is the final video in a series of updates to bring you up to speed about the goldfish I have in my fish room. This week’s update has been highly requested ever since I started this series! We’re focusing on my group of broadtail moors that live in one of my 90 gallon Intex wading pools in my fish room. These fish look so much prettier when viewed from the side, and someday I hope to have a nice big aquarium for them, but at around $55 each, the wading pools are SO much cheaper per gallon.

I got these fish about 1.5 years ago from Amy Shonka who breeds them. In this video you’ll also find out how to buy young high quality goldfish from other US hobbyist breeders, what it means to “groom” your goldfish, what the difference is between broadtail moors and butterfly telescopes, and what an out-turned operculum (gill cover) is.

Thanks for stopping by, and Stay Gold!

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One thought on “My Broadtail Moors // Goldfish UPDATE

  1. Purplej3nn says:

    I also love black moors. I had one as one of my first fish when I was 14, along with a couple other goldfish. I did pretty well with them in my 5 gallon acrylic tank, considering I knew nothing about keeping fish. That tank was always clean.
    I have one again, now that I know more about keeping fish at 42 years of age. He is growing up so I can put him in with the common goldfish I have on an 80 gallon tank, they’re pretty big, he’s got a little way to go still. He is in a ten gallon, I’ll put him into a 20 long soon, then hopefully into the 80.
    I love your videos and blog, I look forward to them every week. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love for animals in general. I too am an animal lover overall. We have 2 large dogs, 3 cats, 3 aquariums and a bird.

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