Unboxing My New MYSTERY FISH!

It’s finally time for the update on my new 90 gallon aquarium that you’ve all been waiting for! Today I’ll reveal what fish I’m putting in my new tank. You guys have been following along in the setup of this tank from the very beginning, from my initial visit to my local fish store in Daytona Beach to buy the aquarium, to watching me set up the hardscape of the tank, and finally, to this moment for the big reveal.

Some of the items used in this setup

I’ve been a goldfish only kind of fish keeper for several years, but lately I’ve had the itch to branch out and try something new. While goldfish will probably always be the main focus of my fish keeping hobby, I really wanted to expand and add some other species to the mix too. Not only for my personal enjoyment of my hobby, but to keep things interesting for you guys too! So me being me, I was of course drawn immediately to the one species of fish that people typically tout as being the hardest freshwater fish to keep. Think I could just go easy on myself and have my first fish aside from goldfish and bettas be something easy? Oh no… not me. I wanted a challenge! Watch the video below for the full scoop and don’t forget to Stay Gold!

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