Did I Come Home with New Fish??? // Central FL Koi & Goldfish Show 2017

I went to the 2017 Central Florida Koi & Goldfish Show (CFKGS) in Orlando over the weekend and came home with two new goldfish from Southwest Koi & Goldfish! What do you think of my two new Thai black orandas? I’m so excited to finally (after 7 years of goldfish-keeping) add my first orandas to my fish room. No, these are NOT the new fish that are going in my new 90 gallon aquarium… an update on that tank will be coming this Friday. Thank you to everyone that I got to chat with at the show this year, I had a blast thanks to all of you. Hope to see you again next year!

If you have any shows like this near you, definitely go to them! They’re well worth it for all the beautiful fish you can view and purchase AND all the great people you’ll get to connect with.

If you liked the goldfish from Southwest Koi & Goldfish and want to purchase some, visit their Facebook page here. The next show they’ll be vending at is the Louisville Koi Show in May. You can view more details about that show here.

Watch the video below to come along with me on my visit to the show and see my new orandas, and don’t forget to stay gold!

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