IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME! // Watch Me Draw (February Giveaway)

In today’s video, the second calendar-related giveaway is announced! Some people got a little confused last time and thought I was giving away one of my 2017 goldfish calendars, but that’s not the case. So here’s a recap of how this works! This year my 2017 Solid Gold Calendars come with an attached postcard that, once you purchase and receive your calendar, you fill out and return to me. This postcard then goes into my bowl of entries for 12 giveaways (one every month!) throughout this year. Each month, I draw the goldfish pictured on the calendar page for that month and select one person from the entry postcards I’ve received. That person wins the original drawing that I made. 

This month I have drawn my female calico butterfly telescope goldfish named Gwen. Watch the video below to see how I made the drawing and to find out who the lucky winner is. And, if your name wasn’t chosen, I will have prints of this drawing available for sale soon on the Artwork section of my website, so you can still own a print of this drawing if you’d like to. 

Be sure to stay tuned for the very end of the video for a sneak peek of an exciting BIG new project I’m working on! 😉 

Stay Gold,

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