What the Heck is a Watonai? // Goldfish UPDATE

You guys have been itching to see an update on my watonai goldfish for weeks… shame on me for making you wait so long! 🙂 

Watonai are an older variety of goldfish that are rarely seen anymore. They’re well suited to ponds with their streamlined bodies and beautiful flowing tails. The watonai was originally developed long ago from a cross between a wakin and a ryukin. This variety clearly inherits its hardiness and pond suitability from the wakin, and its stunning flowing tail fins from the ryukin. It’s a great combination!

On his website, Steve from Rain Garden Goldfish in Hawaii says that when he wanted to get his hands on some Watonai to start breeding them years ago, there were none to be found, so he recreated the original wakin/ryukin cross to bring this variety back. They’re very pretty fish that are perfect for a pond, if you ask me! I have a small group of three (all male) watonai; check them out in the video below and Stay Gold! 

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  1. Nigel says:

    Hi jennie thanks for the add i am from all the way in trinidad i watch your videos all the time i myself have goldfishes u have taught me alot my breeding method slightly different but most of the knowledge i have i got from your videos

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