HUGE Goldfish Collection + Room Tour

I’ve been curating my own personal collection of goldfish collectibles over the past 8 years and today I want to share it with you! Watch the video below to see a behind-the-scenes type room tour of my office where all the Solid Gold magic happens. My office is my work-space for Solid Gold in the creation of my videos- from brainstorming to filming to editing! I’ve also filled this space full of just about as much goldfish paraphernalia as I possibly could.

I’m somewhat of an obsessive collector of all things goldfish related, so you’ll get to see my full collection of goldfish stuff including my Yujin goldfish gashapon collection, my needle-felted goldfish from Deme*tyoubi, my hand-carved goldfish from the Tung Hoi goldfish farm in China, and more. In addition to my huge collection of goldfish stuff, my office is also home to Arlo the betta fish, Sylvia & Lucy the leopard geckos, and a brand new 40 gallon aquarium waiting to be set up.

Thanks for stopping by and Stay Gold!

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One thought on “HUGE Goldfish Collection + Room Tour

  1. Lucy Williams says:

    Hey Jennie! I’m getting Orandas, and I want to know if the Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish pellets would be fine for them? Or would the Hikari Lionhead be better? (As both have the wen growth.)

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