Green Spot Algae, String Algae & Ostracods… OH MY!

You guys… ostracods get out of control fast! If you don’t know what ostracods (aka seed shrimp) are, then check out my blog post about them here. On top of that, I also had quite a bit of green spot algae that was tough to clean off the glass without taking the driftwood out of the aquarium AND a whole bunch of string algae that had to go.

So, spring cleaning came a little early for Arlo, my dumbo halfmoon betta. I took everything out of the aquarium, gave it a good clean, firmly reattached the plants to the driftwood, and put everything back together. Now it looks great, and call me crazy, but I even think Arlo likes his environment better now. When I first put him back in, he was more active and showing more interest in his surroundings than usual. It was pretty cute to watch.

Stay Gold,

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p.s. Can you spot the bubble nest in this video? 😉


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