Subscriber Giveaway Winners!

There were nearly 2,000 entries for the giveaway! 😮 Thank you so much to everyone who participated. Choosing a winner is never fun because I know that you can’t all win and I wish I had a prize for each and every one of you.

One US winner will receive a $50 Dandy Orandas gift certificate! And the winner is…

One international winner will receive a 9 piece set of goldfish figurines! And the winner is…


You won? Great! Now please follow these instructions to claim your prize.

While logged in to your YouTube account, visit the “About” page of my YouTube channel. Solid Gold Aquatics Channel : About

Click on the “Send Message” and send me a message by the end of the day on January 27th to claim your prize! If you do not claim your prize by the deadline, you forfeit your prize and another winner will be selected.

8 thoughts on “Subscriber Giveaway Winners!

  1. Jennifer Lynx says:

    Hey guys! The runners-up have actually already been randomly selected. I randomly select the winners and about 4 runners-up (just to be safe) all at the same time to make sure everything’s fair. I will update this post after the 27th with the name of the first runner up if the original winner of either prize does not come forward by then.

    In other giveaway news, you can still purchase one of my 2017 Solid Gold calendars to enter into a giveaway EVERY month of this year. Your odds will be much better for the calendar-related giveaways since there are a lot fewer entries. January’s giveaway video is coming out this Friday, I’m super excited!!

    • Jennifer Lynx says:

      Mansoor, you can check the Dandy Orandas auction this Friday evening to see if any will be listed. It’s

  2. Jerry says:

    I am always trying to buy fish on dandyorandas but they don’t come up how can I see the fish they gave for sale

  3. Eadyn Clifford says:

    Hi I’m Eadyn Clifford and one of my fav goldfish breeds is a black moor. I would love a black moor figure because acouple years ago, my cat got into the tank of my 6 year old black moor and ate it. Thanks

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