Goldfish UPDATE // My Keeper Babies + Sad News About Sophie

Today’s update video on my goldfish features the “keepers” from my most recent batch of goldfish babies that I bred. I had two groups of babies that were spawned almost a year ago. The first was a group spawn from my red and white butterfly telescopes with Sophie being the mother. I don’t know which of my males fertilized the eggs, since there were multiple males in the tank with her. Goldfish reproduce by external fertilization, which means the female expels eggs into the water and the male (who is close-by) releases milt at the same time. The eggs and milt mix together, in turn fertilizing the eggs. So actually, there could have been multiple different fathers within the same spawn of goldfish fry! It wasn’t a planned spawn. I had gone to check on my fish one day and noticed the males were chasing Sophie. I added spawning mops, and by the end of the day, the mops were full of eggs. The second spawn was indoors in my 75 gallon aquarium with my black butterflies; Lana, Loki and Mordecai.

I sold most of the babies, but I kept three from the red/white spawn and one from the black spawn for myself. The first is little white butterfly that reminds me so much of Luca. Luca is my male white butterfly that I’ve had for 4 years now. Since he’s getting up there in age, I wanted to hold back an all white baby from this group because I cannot be without a white butterfly telescope in my fish room, no way! 🙂 This little gal is a perfect little Luca “mini-me”. The second keeper is a red/white butterfly with a white base and a symmetrical red saddle-like pattern. This one had the best red color in the group, and also a nice pattern, so I kept it to potentially breed down the road. The third keeper is a yellow butterfly! I’ve never really seen this apricot-like yellow color in a butterfly telescope, and I’ve certainly never produced this yellow color myself in a fish before (and by accident, no less), so I’m excited about this one! I would love to find a male with a similar color type to pair her with and try to produce more yellow babies like this. It’s such a unique color! And the fourth keeper is my black butterfly. This one had the best conformation based on what I was looking for in the batch of black butterfly babies, so I kept her for potential future breeding. These guys are living in a 40 gallon breeder aquarium for now, but their living quarters will be expanded soon thanks to the Petco Dollar per Gallon sale.

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I also unfortunately have some very sad news about Sophie, one of my adult females who I’ve had for three years. Right after I posted the update video from two weeks ago, which featured her and my other adult female butterflies, I noticed that her scales were slightly raised, which is dropsy. Dropsy is a condition which is most often caused by kidney failure. When the kidneys fail to function properly, they cannot regulate the amount of fluid retained by the fish’s body. So fluid accumulates within its body, causing it to puff up. When the fluid retention is severe enough, it causes raised scales, which gives the fish a pinecone appearance. Once I noticed the start of dropsy in Sophie, I sadly made the decision to euthanize her. Given the slightly diminished quality of life she had already been living with, I felt it was the most humane thing to simply let her go rather than let her continue to suffer with organ failure. I had Sophie for three years, during which I got to watch her grow from a tiny little thing with a neat tri-color pattern to the jumbo red and white fish she had become. I was fortunate to breed her and raise many beautiful goldfish babies from her – some of which I still have! She will be very missed.

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2 thoughts on “Goldfish UPDATE // My Keeper Babies + Sad News About Sophie

  1. clousev says:

    beautiful babies! I’m so sad to hear about Sophie, but thank you for letting us know how to humanely euthanize a fish if the need should arise.

  2. Lisa Foster says:

    Sorry to hear about Sophie. It’s always tough losing a pet that you love.

    Thinking of the keepers, when will we see the ones you aren’t keeping…are you going to sell them, or is there something else in mind?

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