Unboxing a New Goldfish + SUBSCRIBER GIVEAWAY!

I got a new butterfly telescope goldfish from Dandy Orandas four weeks ago. I always peruse the weekly auction just looking to see if there’s anything that catches my eye that I just “have to have”. What I look for in the ideal butterfly telescope is a nice tail that has a good horizontal spread and looks like the outspread wings of a butterfly when viewed from above. This can be hard to tell on the Dandy Orandas auction listings, since the fish are almost always photographed from the side only. But after many years of studying butterfly telescopes, after a certain point you can tell just by looking at the side view what the tail will look like from above. I also look for a nice tall, round body with an almost ryukin-like hump, and eyes that are not too big (a little on the small side is preferred actually) and symmetrical in size. There aren’t too many butterfly telescopes available in the United States that meet my standards, so when one comes along, it’s very tempting indeed… 😉 About four weeks ago, I purchased a beautiful black butterfly telescope from Dandy Orandas that has perfect form! Watch the video below to see me unboxing the new fish and adding her to the quarantine tank. Make sure you stay tuned until the end of the video because I’m also doing a subscriber giveaway!

Giveaway Rules & How to Enter

-You must be at least 18 years old to enter, or have prior permission from your parent/guardian.
-You must be subscribed to Solid Gold Aquatics (that’s me!) on YouTube.
-There will be two winners: one within the United States and one International. The US winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Dandy Orandas. The International winner will receive a set of 9 adorable goldfish figurines.
-To enter, you must leave a comment in the YouTube comments section for this video (only one comment allowed per person) letting me know whether you live within the US or you’re International.
-Check back here on my blog on Tuesday, January 24th to see who won!

Stay Gold,

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10 thoughts on “Unboxing a New Goldfish + SUBSCRIBER GIVEAWAY!

  1. Adriana says:

    You inspire me to love what I do! I just wanted to say thank you so much! And your fish are so beautiful and perfect!

  2. Corey Dudley says:

    Love the chanel, love your hair.
    My favorite goldfish,if I have to pick is a
    Panda telescope. I am from Baltimore, Md.

  3. James noble says:

    I learned a lot watching your videos so I am very appreciated you making this channel but I am from US and my favorite goldfish is a RANCHU can’t wait to watch more videos

  4. clousev says:

    Hi Jenny:
    I’m from Havre, Montana USA. My favorite type and color of goldfish is the calico colored butterfly tail. After watching your graceful black goldfish swimming in their 75g aquarium (over and over and over again) I was smitten and purchased two calico butterfly goldfish. They are not perfect in form like yours are, but I absolutely adore them. They enjoy eating concentrated Repashy food from my hand. Thanks for your video showing me how to hand feed them! Such a joy to interact with these wonderful creatures. In my opinion, anyone interested in goldfish should check out Dandy Oranda’s auction every Friday. He has some amazing fish available. Thanks for introducing us to them. Just opened your calendar – amazing pictures – nice work Jenny! Could you please show us some pictures of your newest black butterfly showing its form?

  5. Teresa Sherry says:

    Hi Jen,
    You have inspired me to start my fish tank again two years ago! I purchased from Dandy Orandas 5 of my 8 goldfish. They five are Telescope Goldfish and I love them so much! The other fish I have is a Black Moore Telescope, Red Cap Oranda, PomPom and a Pearl Scale. I vary their diet as you taught me with gel food, veggies, Hikari, New Life Spectrum and blood worms. Your videos have been my library to take care of my babies and I cannot thank you enough of how much I appreciate them.

    My name is Teresa and I am from Ohio and moved to New Jersey 10 years ago!
    Thank you again for all your wonderful advice! Best of Luck to you in your new home and adventures!

  6. Kerstin Balestrine says:

    Hello Jenny, i am from Germany but live in Texas. I must say my Favorite is the Ryukin Broadtail. I have 4 of them and a calico Fantail and two Blackmoor and 3 Koi. I have been watching alot of Videos about Fishkeeping but yours are the best .Easy to understand and fun.

  7. kneedrag182 says:

    Hello Jenny,
    I came here to check in and see who the winners are of your 1-24-17 give away, but don’t see any postings for today. I hope you are okay and just got busy making another video of Crackin.
    okay I will check in again later or tomorrow, take care.

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