Goldfish UPDATE // Female Butterfly Telescopes in Wading Pool

Here it is! The fourth in a series of video updates about the goldfish I have in my fish room, this week’s video focuses on my group of five female butterfly telescope goldfish that live in one of my 90 gallon Intex wading pools in my fish room.

At about 3.5 years old, Sophie is one of my oldest goldfish that I have currently and she’s also the BIGGEST! This big mamma used to be a panda, then turned tri-color, and is now red and white. Lana is my female black butterfly telescope who I have bred (and raised and sold!) a few babies from. Next up is Gwen, my female calico butterfly telescope who I have yet to get any babies from (grrr…), but she is beautiful nonetheless- huge wobbly eyeballs and all. There’s also Lincoln, who I bred from Sophie two years ago. And lastly, Queenie, who I also bred from Sophie two years ago. Queenie is one of my favorite goldfish I’ve ever owned and certainly my favorite of the ones I’ve bred myself.

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Check out the video below to get all the details on these beautiful gals and until next time, Stay Gold!

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