Goldfish UPDATE // Rare Jikin Goldfish

This week I’m continuing the series of update videos about all the goldfish in my fish room with a video about my lovely little group of four jikins. The jikin goldfish is a Japanese goldfish variety that is considered quite rare. Their most defining feature is their tail fin, which has been described as a “peacock tail”, an “x-shaped tail”, and even a “butterfly tail”. It’s kind of funny to me, because my favorite type of goldfish is the butterfly tail telescope, whose tail looks like the outspread wings of a butterfly when viewed from above. The jikin tail can have the appearance of butterfly wings not when viewed from above, but when viewed from the side view of the fish as it is facing away from the viewer.

I got my jikins from Dandy Orandas two months ago and they are doing amazingly well. I cannot wait to watch these beautiful fish continue to grow and develop and hopefully breed them as well down the road. While the butterfly telescope will likely always be my favorite, it is very exciting to have some different goldfish varieties in my fish room.

Check out the video below, and don’t forget to Stay Gold!

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