How I Do Water Changes for My Betta

Hey everyone, happy Tuesday! I usually upload videos on Fridays, but this week I’m doing a video and blog post today in addition to my regular Friday videos. Many of you have been asking me to upload more than just one video per week, so whenever possible, I’m going to give it my best effort. You also seemed to really like the last video I did about my betta tank, so this week I’m sharing with you how I do water changes for my betta tank. My copper dumbo halfmoon betta, Arlo, lives in a 5 gallon Fluval Spec, which I have found to be a great betta tank- with a few slight modifications.

I added a Fluval pre-filter sponge over the filter outflow, since the water current it created was much too strong for him before. With the sponge minimizing the flow, Arlo now swims around the entire tank with ease. I also cut a small square of plastic canvas from the craft store and used clear fishing line to tie it onto the filter intake grate. He likes to rest up against it (much to my dismay!), so I find the plastic canvas helps create a safety barrier that keeps his fins from getting sucked in to the intake grate and torn. In addition to that, some people also puncture a few holes in the tubing that pumps the water from the filter area back into the main part of the tank in an effort to further reduce the flow from the filter. Personally, I haven’t found the need to do that. With the addition of the pre-filter sponge, the flow is reduced enough for my betta. Check out these affiliate links below for all the products mentioned in this video.


Arlo’s tank does not currently have a heater, since I live in Florida and I also keep my home fairly warm anyways. Just in case of temperature fluctuations that may happen overnight, I do have a small heater on order that will fit neatly inside the filter box area of the tank.

Check out the video below and as always, stay gold!

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