Goldfish UPDATE // Male Butterfly Telescopes in Wading Pool

It’s been far too long since I gave you guys an update on my fish, so we’re going to fix that starting this week! This is the first in a series of updates about the goldfish I have in my fish room. Since I have tons of fish now spread out between about 10 tanks, I’m going to space these updates out a little bit to make it a little less overwhelming and (let’s be honest) so we can prolong the fun! This week we’re focusing on my group of six male butterfly telescope goldfish that live in one of my 90 gallon Intex wading pools in my fish room. I have had three of these intex pools for a little over a year now, and they have held up great and proven to be very effective goldfish tanks.

Here’s a link to the Intex pools on Amazon (affiliate link) ►

Each of my goldfish are named and have their own unique backstories. Take Luca, for instance, who I’ve had for 4 years now and is considered the “old geezer” of the fish room. 😉 Or Clyde, who’s been my personal favorite for years, and who some of you have dubbed the “king of the fish room”. They’re all here, so check out the video below and enjoy!

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