SOLID GOLD HAS A BETTA?! // Unboxing & Adding Plants to My Betta Tank

Several of you have noticed a little desktop aquarium in the background of some of my videos. Don’t worry, I did not cram a goldfish into a desktop aquarium… I got a betta fish! I have admired dumbo (also called elephant ear) bettas for a long time because of their oversized pectoral fins that look like elephant ears and are just generally adorable.

I love having a dedicated garage space just for my goldfish hobby obsession, but it did unfortunately mean that I didn’t have any aquariums or fish buddies in the house with me. I wanted something small and easy to maintain, so I started looking for the perfect betta-buddy for my office. That’s when I discovered Momo Bettas, a storefront on Ebay offering tons of beautiful bettas for sale, and I bought little Arlo. Arlo is a 5-month-old male copper dumbo halfmoon betta from Thailand. He lives on the desk in my home office in a Fluval Spec aquarium. I found that even on the lowest setting, the filter that came with the Fluval Spec was too powerful for him, so I diffused the outflow with a sponge and covered the intake with a small piece of plastic canvas. Lo and behold, it became betta heaven!

Recently I purchased a few Anubias nana petite plants from my favorite online plant store, Planted Aquariums Central, and attached them to the driftwood in Arlo’s tank with some fishing line. Check out the video below, and stay gold! 

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