Behind-the-Scenes of the 2017 Solid Gold Calendar

Come check out this behind-the-scenes sneak peek of the 2017 Solid Gold Calendar for a glimpse into what it takes to put this project together!

This year rather than directing you to a website like Zazzle or CafePress, I put my big girl britches on and had the calendars printed myself so I can sell them right here on my own website! This is a win-win because it helps keep the price lower for you and it allows more of the profits from the calendars to actually go to Solid Gold, rather than a third-party. In years past, about 90-95% of the purchase price of each calendar was skimmed by the third party (Zazzle or CafePress). Annoying, right? So with this change, your purchase of the Solid Gold Calendar goes even further to help promote Solid Gold and the goldfish movement!

Plus, this year’s calendar will be the first to include monthly giveaways for those who purchase a calendar and sign up for the giveaways! So you’re buying more than a calendar… you’re also buying 12 chances to win an original goldfish drawing done by yours truly.

Stay Gold!

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