New Jikins from Dandy Orandas

I have a confession. I’ve been secretly coveting Jikin goldfish for a while now, and Dandy Orandas has had many very nice ones available on their auctions lately. If you’re not familiar with jikins, The Goldfish Council has a good article about the variety here. I decided that if one came along that really caught my eye, I would have to buy it. So I bought this beautiful jikin in the auction a few weeks ago and I told Ken, the owner of Dandy Orandas, that I was looking for a few more nice ones to start a small breeding group. He selected three additional jikins and sent them to me along with the one I chose in the auction. I am SO thrilled with these fish!

They are absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to breed them and try my hand at raising some jikin fry. Ken actually has two different bloodlines of jikins right now, from two separate farms in China. Jikins are extremely rare, so it’s actually quite a feat that Ken has managed to import a fair number of them from two different farms in China. He sent me three from the first bloodline and one from the second bloodline. The second bloodline has a shorter peduncle (the area connecting the tail to the body) and looks more like what the standard for the variety calls for. I feel very lucky to be able to have such a beautiful group of these rare fish and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them in my breeding program. 

Stay Gold,

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