Black Butterfly Beauties


Here are my four black butterfly telescope goldfish in their 75 gallon aquarium. The three big ones (Loki, Lana, and Mordecai) are from Dandy Orandas and the little guy (Poe) was bred by me from red/white butterfly telescope parents. These fish spawned for me a few days ago, so I now have a batch of tiny little fry from them. I’m very excited to see how the babies turn out!

Stay Gold!

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6 thoughts on “Black Butterfly Beauties

  1. Joshua McWilliams says:

    Hi Jennie, your black butterflies are gorgeous, I know u now live in Florida and from ur videos your fish seem to love it down here… I'm a floridan that is getting back into goldfish and I have been watching all of your videos and catching up on all the great info. I purchased some butterfly breeders and hope to be spawning soon. Do you know of or have you heard of any goldfish shows in Florida? I'm in St Petersburg and would love to attend one maybe even bring one of my butterflies to the show.

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