Deme*tyoubi Felted Goldfish Art Unboxing + Giveaway

I have long admired Deme*tyoubi’s felted goldfish art, and even commissioned a custom-made goldfish a couple of years ago. This year I decided to up the ante and commission another piece in a bigger size!

This time I commissioned Hikaru to create a 10-inch-long felted replica of my favorite fish, my male panda butterfly telescope named Clyde. Clyde used to have striking panda coloration, but he has since lost all the black markings and is now red and white.

The photos I provided to the artist are of him about a year ago, when he still had his black markings. Hikaru recreated his markings perfectly, and even attached glitter fabric scales in a few places, since Clyde has a few scales that are more shiny than the rest.

Deme*tyoubi also makes small felted goldfish keychains in a wide variety of goldfish types. She agreed to send me three for free so that I could give them away to you! Please click on the video above for the full giveaway rules and information.

You can find Deme*tyoubi online to order your own custom felted goldfish at these links:

12 thoughts on “Deme*tyoubi Felted Goldfish Art Unboxing + Giveaway

  1. renae326 says:

    The very first video of Solid Gold I watched was How to setup a goldfish tank about 6 months ago. It really helped me setup my tanks for my new goldfish and koi. Thank you!

  2. jessie Anne says:

    The first video I watched was how to do a water change. I went online straight after and bought my water changer. If it ain't for you I would still be doing my water changes with buckets. I may have even given up the hobby and my little lovelies. So thankyou 🙂

  3. I love goldies says:

    Jennie I'm so glad I've found you; I've learned so much from you. The first time you helped me and my goldfishes was your tutorial for a brine shrimp hatchery. Since then I think I've looked at everything you've published online. Stay gold:) From Traci P.S. I live very close to the fish Sempia (Canada) Cool eh?

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