One Year Update for Butterfly Babies

You got to see my butterfly telescope babies grow up from little one-week-old “eyelashes” and now just look at the beauties they’ve become!  They’re almost one year old now and I’m so pleased with how they’ve turned out.  It has taken a lot of careful grooming (aka WORK!) to get to this point, but it’s nice to see the rewards.  These are the seven that I have decided are my keepers for future breeding; the other have already been sold a few months ago.  
I have gotten a few unfortunate reports of swim bladder issues in some of the babies that went to new homes, which leads me to think that Luca (my white butterfly) may have been the father of most of them.  While I knew Sophie was the mother, since she was the only female in the tank at the time, I didn’t know who the father was being that it was a group spawn.  Luca has slight swim bladder issues, though not severe whatsoever.  Just in case he is genetically predisposed to swim bladder issues and passes that along to his offspring though, I do not plan to use him for any future breeding.  He’s my oldest goldfish anyways; it’s time for him to retire!  Since most of my red/white butterflies are more orange/white than true red/white, I will also be looking for some nice deep red fish I can breed them with to try and get better color in the future.  Even though these babies may not be RED, I still love how they turned out anyway!  
butterfly moor

butterfly goldfish

butterfly telescope goldfish

black moor

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two butterfly telescopes

beautiful butterfly telescope goldfish

black butterfly moor

cute butterfly moor

cute butterfly telescope

two butterfly moors

orange butterfly telescope

butterfly moors
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4 thoughts on “One Year Update for Butterfly Babies

  1. Lynne H says:

    The black one is my very favorite. I love his color and expression. I would absolutely love to be kept up to date on when you use him/her in a spawn!!

    Never stop updating… you make me dream of having goldfish of my own…

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