Butterfly Fry Update | 2 Months Old

My butterfly fry are now just over two months old, and there are 57 left at this time.  They’re starting to look very nice and I’m excited to see how they’ll look at 6 months when we’ll be able to see their adult form and colors.  For those wondering; yes, I do plan on selling the ones I can’t keep for myself.  There will hopefully be about 5 that I’ll want to keep, but then I’ll have roughly 40 to sell, but not for a few months yet.  I want to keep them long enough that their adult form and color starts to show so I can make sure I’m providing quality fish to you guys.

For now, you can plan ahead for your new Solid Gold Butterfly by purchasing an aquarium at the Petco Dollar Per Gallon sale (ending soon!), continue watching my update videos, and keeping an eye out for more details in future posts!

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2 thoughts on “Butterfly Fry Update | 2 Months Old

  1. Stef Gonzaga says:

    Hi Jennie!

    My name's Stef and I've recently started keeping goldfish last November. I've been following your YouTube channel and blog since then for goldfish tips and advice. Thank you so much! I really admire the way you care for your Butterflies, the evidence being how well the butterfly fry have grown in 2 months!

    I have a Butterfly Telescope myself named Darcy, and I want to give him the best diet possible. Unfortunately most of the fish food and aquarium products you use are inaccessible where I live (Philippines), so I'm stuck with generic brands, Saki-Hikari pellets, freeze dried bloodworms, and veggies from the supermarket. No frozen bloodworms, no Repashy, no brine shrimp.

    With just these resources, is this enough to grow Darcy to his full size, boost his immune system, and keep him healthy for years? If not, what would you suggest I do?

    Thank you!

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