Solid Gold Sketchbook

Here’s some art I’ve been working on recently.  The drawing of Clover is the first large-scale (about 11×14″) goldfish drawing I have made and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I think I’ll be doing many more large drawings like this in the future.  I made it specifically to display at the Minnesota Aquarium Society tropical fish show over the weekend of April 4th and 5th, and my entry ended up winning first place in the fine art category!  I made of video of the creation process for this drawing, so be sure to watch that below!  Also keep an eye on my Etsy store, because I hope to have prints made of this one and made available in a few different sizes.

The second drawing was commissioned by a fellow goldfish keeper as a memento of her fish named River who recently passed away.  I really played with shadows and highlights with this one and I think the result is quite pretty.  Lately I’ve been trying to get away from heavily outlining my drawings all the time, to make for a more realistic look.  And last, but certainly not least, is a portrait of Betsy!  Betsy is a fantail goldfish owned by a vet clinic nearby.  When I visited with my dog about a year ago, I noticed that Betsy was living in a small bowl on the reception desk, so I helped the staff at the clinic set up a large aquarium for Betsy and her new friend Bernie.  Since then they have done such an excellent job caring for their finned friends and setting an example of good fish care for their clients.  You can read more about Betsy and Bernie here:  Veterinary Clinic Goldfish Aquarium

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Red/White Ryukin – Clover
Clover detail

Red Oranda – River
Red Fantail – Betsy
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