Ghost Bristols Six Months Later

I’ve officially had my ghost bristol trio for 6 months now!  They were about 8 months old when I got them, so they’re a little over 1 year old now.  Poltergeist is male, Wraith is female, and I believe Haunt is also female.  Poltergeist and Wraith have spawned several times while Haunt just hangs around eating all the eggs.  I have a batch of fry from them which are probably about 2 months old now that I’ve shown in previous fish room tour videos.  
In the past several months, my ghost bristol trio have grown so much!  Here are photos that show what each fish looked like then (August 2013) and now (February 2014).  The photos are not to scale, but still give you a good look at how much they’ve changed.

Before these guys were so small they practically made their 75 gallon tank look like a lake!  But now I’m making plans to upgrade them to a bigger tank because I think they need more swimming room.  If you’re wondering what happened to the fourth fish (I get that question a lot) please see this previous blog post.

Same tank, bigger fish!

Really, you can only fully appreciate how beautiful and cute they are when you see them in action, so here’s a video too!

Can’t get enough of these ghostly creatures?  I don’t blame you.  Here’s a slideshow of my photography featuring them.

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One thought on “Ghost Bristols Six Months Later

  1. Ocean Truth says:

    The ghosts look so good! I'm really looking forward to seeing the progression of future generations to see how they become completely white apparitions. 🙂

    New, bigger tank plans is so exciting!!!

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